*The Sacred Waters of Bovie Hill*

 Naturally Healthy & Naturally Clean
Drinking Water in its Purest Form.

Contains all of the essential minerals that
Mother Nature put there...and nothing else!

Simply put, our living water is natural, healthy, clean & organic.  

but most important of all...it is UNPROCESSED DRINKING WATER!

In Addition, it is Also:

Mother Natures Medicine

Slightly Alkaline ~ pH 7.96

Gravity Filled ~ In BPA Free Containers

Naturally Free of Chemicals & Toxins
The Healthiest Drinking Water on the Planet

On a Summit ~ Nearly 1200 Feet Above Sea Level

Purified by Mother Nature Through
Layers of Bedrock, Shale & Clay

Coming from a confined aquifer deep underground,
our naturally healthy & clean drinking water is

untouched ​by the human process. Our sacred fossil
water has been underground for a very long time... 
possibly 1000's or 10,000's of years!

Created by Indian Springs Water 
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