*The Sacred Waters of Bovie Hill*

Important Information:

This information is from an article on “Living Water”
that we found on the website NaturalHealth365,
as well as some other informative online sites.
There is some information in here that we hope
you will find very interesting!

When we are born, we are about 90% water!
When we are adults, the percentage is closer to 70%!
Get this...when we die, that percentage drops to
50% or lower...who knew???

Hydrated, plump cells communicate better!

Our body is a self-healing organism!

Don't let your cells shrivel up like raisins,
this could be the end of you...

Do you drink enough water every day? The recommended amount of water you should drink every day is
about ½ your body weight in ounces.
And, it's “healthy living water” that is recommended!
Remember, that doesn't include water that's in your
soda, coffee, tea or all the other beverages...

Water flushes many toxins out of your body, and even
more when they've been building up for years in tissues
that haven't been able to remove them.
“Healthy living water” may be a possible remedy to eliminate PFOA from your body faster than any other type of water.

Our research indicates that processed water has additives
such as chlorine and other chemicals that are designed to disinfect water, but can be harmful to your health.
And most bottled waters are simply tap water!

We also found that drinking “naturally healthy &
naturally clean living water,” which is bio available water (defined as water able to be absorbed by the body),
will help eliminate diseases better than any other water.
It will go straight to the brain where it is needed most.
Bio available water doesn't only go through you, but gives something back to the cells and allows the cells to start healing themselves.

98% of our brains are turned off. We have fast moving
brains, but they need “jet fuel” (bio available water)
to function properly. Bio available water consists of
small clusters – 5 to 7 molecules per cluster, whereas
tap water is typically 13 to 15 molecules per cluster.
The smaller the clusters are, the easier it is for the
water to enter the brain and the cells. Bigger clusters
can't cross the blood-brain barrier. Only smaller clusters
of water molecules can deliver oxygen into the cells!

If you hardly drink any water at all, or you're drinking
tap water or bottled water, there is a third choice.
Another, better & more healthful solution is...

Indian Springs Healthy Living Water,

and it's available to residents of Hoosick Falls and the surrounding areas who are interested in a healthy choice! 

Water flushes out many toxins, PFOA being one of them. 
For Hoosick Falls residents and residents of other areas
who have toxins in their systems, our “HEALTHY LIVING
WATER” could be a possible remedy to remove them faster
than just waiting for it to dissipate over time. You need the best water you can get – “HEALTHY LIVING WATER”! Not just for YOU & YOUR FAMILY, but your PETS and your
PLANTS will benefit as well!

So...what's your BEST CHOICE in DRINKING WATER???
​water that is naturally healthy & naturally clean!!

Processed water (or clean water) is probably ok to bathe in, but for cooking, hydrating yourself, your family, your pets & your plants, you should have “HEALTHY LIVING WATER”!!

Our “HEALTHY LIVING WATER,” comes from a confined
aquifer deep underground in Hoosick Falls & the fresh, 
cold water is captured there at our source. Mother Nature
has graciously supplied us with an abundance of 
“HEALTHY LIVING WATER,” so that we can share it with you!


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